Creek Vandalism Incident Under Investigation, Culprit Unclear


Carly Philpott

Spray-painted graffiti in Creek’s quad as well as in the south parking lot included expletives and graphic images.

Emily Gleason, Assistant News Editor

Monday morning students arrived at school seeing vandalism by the South parking lot security kiosk and around the bear statue.

The vandalism in the south parking lot in black spray paint as well as the graffiti on the bear statue contained vulgar messages and images; however, they were both power washed off by Tuesday morning.

While Creek and Greenwood Village Police are still investigating the incident, school administration has already started looking at the surveillance cameras and have determined potential suspects.

If the vandalism was done by a current Creek student, they could face anything from suspension to expulsion from school. If it was not a current Creek student, the culprit would only be charged by the Greenwood Village Police.

“If they’re not a current Creek student, then they would be charged only by the police, and then they’d have restitution meaning the courts would require them to pay for the cost of the damages,” said Assistant Principal Kevin Uhlig. “If they’re a Creek student, they would have charges from the police [and] restitution where they have to pay for the damages, but they also may be suspended or expelled from school.”

While the consequences for vandalism may deter students from vandalizing property, some students were not surprised that the vandalism occurred.

“[It’s] not really [surprising] because a lot of people here are disrespectful,” said sophomore Marin Stander.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, students can help if they have any information about the vandalism.

“If anybody has any information they’d like to share, they can,” Uhlig said. “They can see their dean, they can email their dean, and then call their dean. I think it’s important to take pride in your school and protect your school and doing something like that is never something that we should be happy about.”