The Simplicity Of Lego Video Games


Adrian Pacheco, Staff Writer

The Lego games are a legendary landscape to experience nostalgia, remembrance, and childlike wonder. These games provide an opportunity to remember what life is about. It’s the idea of simplicity working with complexity that allows for minds to brainstorm and think through ideas; it’s a great experience to have overall. 

Lego video games are based on products from the Swedish company Lego. The nature of creativity in Lego sets lends itself well to video games because the characters can come alive. The games are silly, but being the first video game I played, they hold a special place in my heart. It takes an inanimate group of blocks and lets the player experience it in a whole different way. A lot of the games are based on Lego’s original sets, but there are also games based on several separate franchises.  

Lego Harry Potter brought all the movies together in a creative, wizard action filled blast. The Lego Star Wars video game combined the life and mystery of the Star Wars universe with the excitement of playing with actual Legos, and it brought people with shared interests together. In the 2008 Lego Batman, they actually had no character dialogue at all. This silent lego video game brings the storytelling of Batman to an ominous, eerie experience of action mystery. 

The difficulty, strangeness, and unique ideas are prominent aspects in these games. The Lego Video Games are not to be overlooked. They combine the fun of exploration with past Lego sets for everyone of all ages to enjoy. They’re goofy, but it’s great because it removes the stress that comes with other games. 

These simple games are cherished because they bring pure joy to anyone who can get through the day and sit down, relax, and play. It’s just like when you played with toys as a kid with your parents/guardians or siblings.

Whether someone had Legos or not, these easy and pure games can be enjoyed by all. Some people have shows or movies, toys, a certain place, certain people. Lego reminds everyone what is important in life, simplicity and being where you want to be.