The Seniors Clean Up at the Annual Powderpuff Game

Spirit Week’s Powderpuff Game Got Physical on Monday Night

Powderpuff was no joke this year, as teams went into Monday night with their game faces on.

Sydney Topelson

Powderpuff was no joke this year, as teams went into Monday night with their game faces on.

Lou Leclercq, Staff Writer

This year Spirit Week is back and better than ever. Senate worked hard to get the spirit week activities back to normal, and powderpuff is one of them. Powderpuff has been an annual spirit week activity for many years where Creek girls compete in flag football, and are coached by Creek football players. This year there were 4 teams – one per grade – and lots of excited players on all teams. 


The freshman team was dressed in white, and sophomore Coco Katskee said they had a hard time finding freshmen that wanted to play. But she was determined to get a team together and found enough ninth graders to join.

“I’m really excited to play with my friends,” Freshman Jolee Triplett said. This being her first year at Creek, she is excited for all the fun activities including powderpuff. 

The sophomore team was also in white, and it was also their first time playing because Covid stopped them last year. With this being the first Spirit Week in 2 years, everyone was thrilled to come back to normal, especially Senate. 

“I’m in senate and we’ve been planning and planning, so I’m really glad that people were participating.” Katskee said.

The junior team was dressed in red and were ready to play and win. Junior Taylor Williamson was playing for the eleventh graders and was delighted to get to playing. This was her first time participating in powder puff and she signed up because she knew it would be fun. 

Finally the senior team was dressed in blue and came to win. Multiple members of the team, including many of the varsity Poms were on the sidelines dancing and starting chants to support their team.

“I’m so excited for spirit week” Senior Maggie Miller said. “I’m spirited in so many different ways so I am ready for this week.”

The spirit was definitely there on Monday, but the senior coaches were looking forward to getting their team to win. The seniors had lots of coaches and two of them were glad to tell us more about their team.

“I have lots of faith in my team, we’re very athletic all around.” Senior Davion Jaramillo said. 

This being their last year in high school, these girls and their coaches did not come to lose, and in fact, they did win. 

“It feels so good to win for our last year.” Senior Henry Lamar said. 


Every year powder puff is very intense, and even the referees were prepared for the heat to come from the Creek girls. 

“Girls are brutal, they’re gonna tackle each other,” teacher Paul Wiggins said. “I’m ready for the blood and stitches.” 

Wiggins was right, although the girls were not as brutal as years past and no one ended up in the hospital, but this year lots of contact was made in a sport that is supposed to be contact free. 

Junior Sophie Harris got destroyed this year, commenting “I got absolutely tackled by one of the senior girls and I woke up with a huge bruise on my arm.”


Finally the game ended around 9pm after 3 hours of intense playing, ending in a victory for the seniors.