Softball Player from Different School Comes to Play at Creek

Meet Amanda Licht, the Kent Denver student that plays softball for Creek

Senior Amanda Licht in her Creek softball uniform.

Adam Nowlin

Senior Amanda Licht in her Creek softball uniform.

Adam Nowlin, Staff Writer

Creek sports have always been popular and extremely competitive, so much so that Creek sports are attracting student athletes from entirely different schools.

Kent Denver senior Amanda Licht decided to play for the Cherry Creek softball team her freshman year of high school, as Kent Denver does not have a softball team at all. 

“Since Kent Denver did not have a softball team, I was able to decide where I wanted to play,” Licht said. “I live in the Cherry Creek School District so I knew a good amount of kids…I also knew Cherry Creek High School had great competition and a great team so that’s what motivated me to make this decision.”

And despite having to go from one school to the next for practices and games, the adjustment for Licht from Kent Denver to Creek has been smooth overall.

Softball is a big part of Licht’s life, and being able to make those bonds with people from a different school has been amazing for her.

“It’s my favorite part of the year,” Licht said. “I love being able to have my school friends and then being able to end the day with my softball teammates; they are some of my closest friends and I love it”

Still, the idea of going to an entirely different school for athletics is a bit unusual for Licht.

Having to drive from one school to the next after her school day is definitely something that she still has to get fully used to, especially with the differences between the schools

“It is still so weird to drive by Creek and see all those students,” Licht said. “There is such a big difference in the amount of students and size of the school.”

While Creek has over 3,800 students, Kent Denver is just limited to 729 total students spanning across grades six through twelve, so the sheer size difference is a lot for Licht to take in.

Luckily for Licht, the adjustment was not only smooth but she has connections with Creek that are completely outside of the school itself. 

“I play for the Colorado Sticks club team, which I joined a couple summers ago,” Licht said. “The coach is actually the coach from Creek, and it was a huge coincidence that he happened to apply for the coaching job here at Creek recently.”

Playing for Creek has been so helpful for Licht towards her future that she has committed to play softball for the University of Wisconsin and continue her academic and athletic path as a Badger. 

“(Creek) has been a huge part of my game,” Licht said. “I really owe a lot to them for helping me carve my path for my future.” 



  1. Fastball- most used pitch, just the traditional fastball that speeds towards home plate 
  2. Drop Curve- moves away from batter as it gets closer to the plate, as well as dropping close to the dirt depending on where it is thrown
  3. Rise Ball- moves like a fastball until there’s a rise as the ball crosses the plate, causing the batter to swing under the ball
  4.  Change up- starts like a fastball, dips as it gets to home plate, much slower than the fastball or rise ball