Students are reflecting over what they are missing out over the holiday season

Ethel Yagudayeva, Photo/Art Editor and Design Editor

“Tis’ the seasons to be jolly”, yet it doesn’t quite feel like it now. 

We have been collectively slapped in the face by our return to Remote Learning after COVID-19 cases began to rise in our community. Yet, even though we are all home surrounded by family, it doesn’t feel quite right. That issue could be tracked down to the lack of communication between families and friends during Covid-19. Then, how are we going to spend the holidays?

After Halloween zoomed by, we have and will be experiencing about 7 different holidays until the end of 2020: Veterans Day, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years, as well as many other events that could be celebrated. 

Many people, as well as freshman Michelle Markevych, agreed that holidays are “a time where you can relax and take your mind off of school, and in general, it’s a way to spend time with family as we don’t really get to do that anymore.” 

Yet, many family plans had to be cancelled due to COVID, like a big Halloween Party for Markevych, or travel plans for many others. 

“I was probably gonna visit a bunch of colleges on the East Coast. I was planning to visit NYU, Boston University, or Dartmouth and Northeastern. Unfortunately, no travels right now”, senior Sarah Bian said. 

Many of the holidays listed are very culturally and religiously centered. “Most of them are family gatherings with big families they’ll have over and over again, and that kinda limits them: even if they still invite people over in their entire family, it puts everyone at a greater risk,” freshman Daria Osovskaya said. 

Big families and friends are blocked from getting together and celebrating, even if it defines their cultures. 

“I feel really bad for people who rely on these holidays to keep their families interacting together. But I also think that we do have a responsibility to make sure that we don’t spread the cases as far as we can,” Bian said. 

Other events, like Veteran’s Day and Black Friday, also pose a risk to specific people.

“I definitely think [Veteran’s Day] is another way for all older folks to reconnect with their past and also their futures, especially during COVID-19, I know it may look very grim, but it’s another way for them to be hopeful,” senior Nicole Chen said. 

Veteran’s Day may be a special time when families visit their relatives and get together to remember the past, but with their high risk of contacting COVID-19, it’s a risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Black Friday is also a day where shopaholics get together and fight over vacuums, TV’s, and potential holiday presents, but there is a big risk there too.

“I think it’s going to be more dangerous simply because of the number of people probably going shopping,” Chen said. “So, I would advise a lot of people to stay at home and shop online. To have less COVID-19 cases, that’s a sacrifice I am willing to put up with.” 

“I think that we’re going to get a huge surge of COVID-19 during the holiday season, people are going to be partying, people are going to be disregarding social distancing rules. That does infuriate me,” Chen said

At this point, people are collectively losing their spirit when weighing all the causes and effects during this holiday season. “I think we’re losing the vibe,” Osovskaya said. “ It’s still there, but it’s bland.”

Still, many wanted to try FaceTiming or Zooming their friends and families during the holidays, hoping to still stay in touch and communicate. 

“We’re probably gonna bake a couple of things and drive all the way up to Boulder and bring them to my cousins and aunts and their families. We’re not going to stay there for too long but just saying hello is enough to connect back,” Chen said

“Well, I think the majority of us wish that Corona would go away, but you know that doesn’t really work that way. And I know a lot of people are going through a lot right now, and I feel that a lot as well,” Markevych said. “But you know, we have to stick through it, and it’s all gonna go away at one point. And, we kind of just have to stay persistent with it and just keep going.”


Upcoming Holidays:

Veterans Day- Wed. Nov. 11

Diwali- Sat. Nov. 14

Thanksgiving- Thu. Nov.26

Black Friday- Fri. Nov. 27

Hanukkah- Thu. Dec. 11 – Fri. Dec. 18

Christmas- Fri. Dec. 25

Kwanzaa – Sat. Dec. 26 – Fri. Jan.1

New Years Eve – Thu. Dec. 31