Hopes and fears for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’


Akash Shivakumaar and Alex Radin

With the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and its very mysterious trailer, there is much speculation as to what will occur in the movie. Whether Rey is really evil or Palpatine is still alive, it’s all a blur to conspiracy theorists and fans alike. In the trailer, we can see plenty of new planets and scenes, but as usual, the trailer mainly serves to intrigue the audience. It makes us all wonder: what is Disney really planning for the end of the 3-part trilogy saga?
So far, Rey has been developed as a clear protagonist, and Kylo Ren as an antagonist. Yet, we see them work together in the trailer as they did briefly in the previous movie: The Last Jedi. This makes sense because we see how Kylo’s parents are both heroic rebels. Many hope to see character development in the next movie as director JJ Abrams has kept much of this a secret.
“I think Kylo will switch sides and sacrifice himself for the rebels,” freshman Gankhuyag Nyamdorj said.
With much talk surrounding Kylo switching sides, there is also much speculation of Rey becoming a Sith due to a scene in the first trailer where she is wielding a dual-sided red lightsaber. Many believe this may happen because in The Last Jedi, Rey explores the conflict between Light and Dark. She is scared of her pull to the Dark side, so fighting a dark version of herself would be a logical way to face her fear of that vision coming true.
These are all points covered by the trailer; however, some fans, like freshman Nate Kretchmer, have other ideas that they think could improve the movie.
“I want Luke to come back as a ghost and fight Palpatine while Rey and Kylo fight on the Death Star,” Kretchmer said.
All these possibilities and conspiracies introduced in the trailers for the final movie would make great conclusions to the saga, but, no matter which direction the franchise takes, fans can be sure that Episode IX will be one to remember.