The Society: are we who we think we are?

The Society: are we who we think we are?

Jane McCauley, News Editor

Netflix’s new show, The Society, was released this month, and its probably one of the more relatable teenager shows than other ones the younger generation has seen.

The Society starts in a small town with a low population, so everyone knows each other. The town is small, rich, and snobby, and everyone knows each others secrets.

Over a hundred of the high school students prepare and get on a bus for a school field trip when the bus decides to turn around. A strong storm had blocked their path to their destination up to the mountains, so the bus drops the kids back off in their home town. Yet when the kids return to what they think is their home, they are sadly disappointed by an empty town.

The town is an exact replica of their original home town with one difference. It is only missing the town’s people.

As a week passes, the kids have to scavenge the town that looks like their actual home for food and supplies. Yet as they teens soon see that no one is in charge, they realize that they can take anything or do anything they want to without punishment.

The kids have to deal with problems such as loneliness, isolation, heartbreak, and trying to fit in. All they want to do is go home, but they soon realize that they are far, far from home.

As the group of teenagers run their group into anarchy, many deaths start to occur, and fear spreads through the town like a disease.

People spread false rumors, create fear within the people to start riots, and people soon start to reveal another side to them that they never knew existed, whether good or bad.

However, the show’s actors can be over dramatic at times, but some can see it necessary to exaggerate the reality of what might happen. The show’s drama might seem far from what might actually happen, but I think that’s what the creators of The Society had in mind when they first envisioned the show.

The main plot of the show really makes you think what you would do if you were in this situation. If you were stuck in your own home town with no adults and no authority with knowledge over everyone and every place, would you step up and become the leader and try to help everyone survive? Or would you succumb to fear and end up taking over by force? Or would you maybe fall into the shadows and exist like you weren’t there?

I think that The Society can be compared to as a modern day Lord of the Flies setting because of the chaos and fear within a small group of unsupervised teens. If you liked Lord of the Flies, The Society is a more mature version which I thoroughly enjoyed. The second season is still undetermined on whether it will air or not.

Although the show can sometimes be a bit melodramatic, The Society is an interesting take on what we would really be capable of if no one was there to punish us.