Grade Pressure is crushing students

Hannah Edelheit, Website Editor

High school has a lot of pressures, and as a student as Cherry Creek High School I am not excluded from the pressure of being the best. Since I am 1 in over 3,700 I am not the only kid who wants to go to a good college and get my dream job.

There are so many pressures to be the best that a lot of students feel overwhelmed. It is suffocating and enables a stronger sense of anxiety that causes many to start panicking when they are not perfect.

Parental pressure is a huge burden on students too. They often don’t realize that their kids are just trying to keep head above water.

According the American Psychological Association ⅓ of college students have had difficulty functioning within the last twelve months.

Students are so overloaded by their school work that they start to panic. The biggest issue is that there are also not resources available to all students all of the time.

The University of Florida started to launch The Therapist Assisted Online program. It enables students to get help online when the counselling resources are not available.  

As someone who has faced grade pressure I sometimes get scared that I am not perfect and the prospect of failing makes me not want to take risks.

Another source of stress for students at Creek is Creek itself. This high school in particular is highly competitive with every student trying to stand out to so many different colleges.

One way Creek can get especially competitive is when people ask about your grades; in fact, that happens to me in honors and AP way more than it does in my CP classes..

I have found that talking to people helps me cope. I have also learned that it is okay to make mistakes and that you can learn from them.

I am not saying that this works for everybody, but it can sometimes be good to get your stress and anxiety out in a healthier way than just keeping it all bottled up. I also think being able to accept that you cannot be perfect all of the time is important to.

Seeing and talking to a counselor is also a another solution that I have come across.

High School is about learning and making mistakes is part of the learning process. If you can accept that, then it is easier to deal with your stress and anxiety with your grades.