Endgame Review

Endgame Review


Hannah Edelheit, Loza Tezera, Sara Abbey, Website Editor, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

When I first walked into the theatre there was a line almost to the door of people waiting to get in. Everyone was anticipating an ending worthy of the final avengers movie and the Russo brothers certainly delivered.

Anthony and Joe Russo started directing the Marvel movies with their debut film Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014. They have since gone on to direct and produce Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity war (2018), and of course Avengers: Endgame (2019).

The Avengers comics were originally started by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in September of 1963. People everywhere fell in love with them so Marvel started to create movies.

The movies enabled even more followers to join the Marvel universe. Endgame was the final installment of the Avengers franchise and many were nervous about the deaths of some of their favorite movie characters.

The first thing that was great about this movie was the cinematography. The action shots were incredible and the special effects made it look even more realistic. The soundtrack was also great. I literally forgot I was sitting in a movie theatre because everything was so realistic.

I was scared about Endgame’s ending because I thought we were going to lose some of our major characters; instead, it really resolved a lot of characters stories for me and I understood why the Russo brothers chose the final scene.

It was also really nice to see the avengers working as a team and it enabled them to look even more like a family. They also incorporated little modern references here and there. There were even classic little jokes and references to previous Avengers movies.

One of the best parts had to be Captain Marvel. And not for the reason you’re thinking. I loved that the producers were able to put her in as the new character without having her be the new guy that saves the Avengers. At the end of the day she was an important character that didn’t overwhelm the reason we were all here to watch.

She also had a more attitude than many of the other female avengers and that was refreshing to see in a female superhero. The male characters like Tony Stark were more arrogant and tended to have a cockier side.

The women also all teamed up to fight Thanos and it was amazing to see a bunch of feminine heroes come together and it showed women supporting other women.  

Dealing with the timeline aspect of time of Endgame, it was both impressive and confusing. It’s clear that since the beginning of the marvel/ Avengers movies they all linked together in some way. But when you have the fact that Spider-Man Far From Home was supposed to have happened eight years after but still had Tony Stark and that is hard to wrap your head around. It becomes even more confusing when Captain America went back in time to live the life he was meant to live with the love of his life, Peggy.

That sounds sweet and all but wouldn’t that mess with the current timeline. Without Captain America Ultron would have never been defeated, Bucky would have never been saved, and maybe even the Avengers would never had been formed. It was moments like this where my head would hurt trying to come up with a possible solution as to what the solution was.

However, the seriousness of the movie only amplified the moments of comedy that occurred throughout the movie. Moments where Ant-Man had exclaimed that Captain’s butt was America’s butt had the audience rolling was laughter. It was definitely a cherry on top when America was fighting his past self and won, checking himself out in the process and verifying the quality of his behind.

Many also enjoyed the references to past movies, whether it was fighting the Chitauri in the first Avengers or Thor’s acknowledgement of Captain America being able to wield Mjölnir. The reminders of all the Avengers have been through was definitely well illustrated.

This final installment of the Avengers series was able to make an ending that satisfied the series. It helped give mostly a happy ending or a redemption.