A horseback rider’s view

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A horseback rider’s view

Hannah Edelheit, Website Editor

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Now I know when everybody hears the phrase, “I ride horses!” the first thought that comes to mind is oh no another crazy/ weird horse girl, but I assure you we are not all like that.

Being an equestrian isn’t all bonding with your horses and winning pretty ribbons; in fact, I probably spend more time picking up after my horse than actually riding it. I also get the worst farmers tan you have ever seen because I ride in short sleeves all summer long.

Sadly it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows when owning a horse, as I have to deal with vet, farrier, and dentist bills quite constantly, especially if you have a horse like mine, that comes into the barn with an injury every other week. I probably spend more money on my horse than on myself

There are also phrases people say when they see you that make some equestrians just laugh. For example any time a horse related matter is brought up everybody looks at you and when I say everybody I mean EVERYBODY. People also have started a joke of calling my horse Tofu (which I don’t mind).

There is also the issue of every non-horse person telling you that horseback riding isn’t a sport. That tend to get on my nerves because I put hours and hours into my horse and it kind of just tears you down.

The most positive aspect of the horse world is the friends you make. I am probably closer to my horse friends than most of my school friends. The friends you make in the horse world stick by you for forever. They have seen you at the worst of times, like at 5am prepping to get on to warm-up for a competition and trust me when I say none of us are very happy at that time.

Horse friends know how to stick by you no matter what. They are also always there to support you and make you happy. I am extra close to my horse friends because I spend more time at the barn because I am there year round.

Horses are also very therapeutic animals. When I have had a bad day at school or just need a break, riding my horse is the best medicine. They always make you happy because they are cute, fun animals that just like food.

Horses are also used in hospitals like therapy dogs. According to Psychology Today spending time with your horse can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve overall health.

These animals can do amazing things for us and as an equestrian that makes me appreciate them even more. My horse, Quincy, means the world to me and I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

You could probably ask any equestrian what their horse means to them and that would probably be the answer every single one of them gives you.