How library stays not so quiet

Jacob Ginsberg-Margo, Opinion Editor

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The Kathleen D. Smith library, located in the I.C building, is continuing to provide services to students. Whether from checking out a myriad of books, providing a space for quiet study, or using their many computers.

“I go there to usually study,” said sophomore Wesley Roberts. “I see a lot of other kids studying to.”

Although, according to library coordinator Michelyne Gray, the library is not slowing down.

“Per month, students visits are anywhere from 25,000 to 35,000 times,” Gray said.

The library also has no plans to stop student involvement. From pedalathons to promote mental and physical health, to hosting a Black Brilliance event, the library is still increasing their activity in student life, and is also setting up friendly competitions for the student body. The library as also gotten involved with clubs.

“We talked recently that we’d love to have more student input for programs that they’d like to see,” Gray said.

But the library is still, well, a library. They checkout around 880 books per month and are still looking for student input on their acquisition for new books. Their top checked out books, are firstly Ready Player One but then followed with books for english classes, such as Jane Eyre and Hamlet.

“We always take suggestions up at the desk and kind of our process is to see if other schools in the district have that book,” Gray said.

For many students, however, the library is a place for work. Many students, swamped with AP classes, will use the library to finish papers, work on projects, or use the all-important printer.

The library is kept in high regard with students. Many in the morning, line the stairs till 8:05 am when the library finally opens, so that they can quickly print or add to their school projects.

“I usually read, study, write papers at the last minute, I definitely think that the library is mainly used for studying,” junior Kaihinjik Alexander said.

Not all of the periods are stuffed full of active students at the library. But the main lunch periods, 5-6th, are usually completely full.

It’s important to keep contributing to the library. New books are continuously getting added to the many hungry shelves of the Kathleen D. Smith Library.

Most students keep to themselves. Whether from keeping their nose to the grindstone in one of the small wall cubbies, to staring at one of the many computers,  the library becomes a hive of productivity.

“I don’t usually look around in the library, because I go there to study,” Roberts said.

All in all the library is still quite alive and is still ready for more student input, and fun activities, While it keeps to its mission to provide a clean, quiet place to work and study.