Power Week is Back


Hannah Edelheit, Web Editor

The week leading up to Power Week has been a whirlwind of excitement for Student Senate. Senate has been prepping for this event for an entire month. This is one of Creek’s most unifying weeks because it involves the whole school raising money for a important cause.

“I think that a lot of our events students are really excited about Mr. Creek and the talent show,” Junior Joel Douglas said. “They bring in a lot of money and that is very beneficial to our cause.”

Senate has been giving to Bags of Fun for the last two Power Weeks, and they were able to raise around $25,000 last year. With the amount of support they got from student donations, they hope to exceed that amount for this year’s Power Week.

Bags of fun is a non-profit organization that gives out bags to children in hospitals. These bags are filled with games, puzzles, and toys. They try to help children in hospitals feel happy and they also try to help kids feel supported while going through treatment.  

This Monday they have Brain Bowl in the fine arts theatre and the dress-up day is camo. On Tuesday they have a super smash bros tournament, Mr. Creek, and a Chipotle fundraiser. The dress up day revolves around the 80s.

On Wednesday there are breakfast burritos and a Glacier ice cream fundraiser. There will also be bucket ball at 8:30 pm after the basketball game and don’t forget to pull out your cowboy boots because it’s western dress-up day.

For Thursday Penny stalls are 3rd period and there is a talent show in the fine arts theatre on Friday at 6:30. The dress-up day is suburban dad and soccer mom. The fundraiser is Slices Pizza.

The final day for power week is Friday and it starts out with a pep assembly at the South Gym at 9:56 am. Then the dress up day is power spirit and the colors are purple and green.

There is a poster in the hallway of the IC building that has a goal of $20,000 and they have been putting on fundraisers to ensure that goal will happen.

With the support of the school, Senate wants to surpass their old goal and help out the children who benefit from Bags of Fun. Senate also volunteers at Bags of Fun so they have a close relationship to the charity.