Cold Pizza is Good Pizza

Chance Hausman, A&E Editor

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It’s a Friday night and you decide to order a pizza for dinner. You most likely order a lot more than you can eat, thinking with your eyes and not your stomach. The pizza arrives in the 30-60 minute range, delivered right to your door. You quickly pay the superhero who doesn’t wear a cape, who showed up to your door with warm streaming food, and run it back to your designated pizza eating spot to enjoy your specialized pizza. You eat and eat and eat until you can’t stand the sight of this pizza even being near you after the amount you just ate.

The next morning, you wake up from a fantastic night of sleep with the urge to eat breakfast. You open up your fridge and see a glowing square box sitting front and center of your refrigerator. You open it up and to your amazement see 3 perfectly chilled pieces of your specialized pizza sitting in the box, knowing you ate this food the night before, still containing the urge to eat it for breakfast.

The cold pizza has been a signature food group for college students , high school students, and young adults around the world for decades. Not only because it’s a cheap meal that tastes amazing, but cold pizza is an item that can make any person young or old jump for joy.

When waking up tired and hungry in the morning, the goal is to put food in your mouth as fast as possible. Cold pizza is the fastest way to do so.

Even though this pizza may not be at the regular standard of the steaming hot version that was delivered to your house the previous night, when the pizza becomes cold it’s almost as if the ingredients blend better when cold.

The average pizza dough contains fibers that act like a sponge that trap water molecules that would otherwise seep through the dish. Then since water and oil don’t mix, it allows the cheese on the top of the pizza to sit promptly above the other ingredients below with zero sogginess.

In an interview with Forbes, Dr. Cooper  from Stirling University said “Because the fat does not go through to the base, the pizza itself tastes so much better.”

By keeping the pizza cold it allows the ingredients to compress there taste, making the pizza taste even better.

So next time your eating pizza, make sure to save some for the next morning.