Is water wet?

Oliver Molberg, Staff Writer

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There is a debate that is making the rounds at Creek. It is the age-old question of water: is it wet?

Some say it is, like social studies teacher Christian Killoran.

“According to the methods of Aristotle, dry is the opposite of wet,” he said. “If dry means ‘without water’ and water has water, therefore water is wet.”

Others disagree.

“Wetness can be water, but water doesn’t necessarily have to be wet,” Junior Joey Link said. “Like if you wet something, then the object that you wetted is wet. But the water technically is not.”

The debate isn’t exactly new, nor is it strictly a debate that focuses on Creek, as a slew of youtube videos have gone over the topic, but Creek has really grappled with it.

“It’s stupid,” said Senior Paul Stoiber.

“There are plenty of other worldly issues we could be arguing like North Korea,” Link said. “But no, we are arguing about whether water is wet.”

On the other hand, there are optimists.

“Students at a school that are debating things like this,” Killoran said. “That is a sign that it is a good school.”

Then there are people who don’t exactly hate the debate but think it is worn out like Sophomore Clarrisse Bosman.

“It’s getting kinda old to be honest, but it is a good debate,” she said.

Either way, while the debate has been around before, history likes to repeat itself, so if you’re into the debate, you are in for a ride.