Eight thieves and a lot of money

BINGE-WORTHY: Netflix just released season two of Money Heist.

BINGE-WORTHY: Netflix just released season two of Money Heist.

Giovanni Machado, Staff Writer

Money Heist, La casa de papel, is the new Netflix success that exploded in the beginning of 2018. The literal translation from Spanish for English of La casa de Papel would be The Paper House; however, the translators decided to name it Money Heist.

Based in Madrid, the show tells the story about nine thieves who decide to rob the Mint of Madrid, taking 2.4 billion euros. The whole show is narrated by the character Tokyo, one of the thieves.

The first episode starts at a slow pace; however, the director surprises the audience when the thieves invade the Mint. This is one of the highs of the series, the professor had already planned everything, even when it seems that the police are almost getting them, the professor is already one step ahead.

The filming directions and the soundtrack are simply amazing, and together, give the viewer a great experience.

Even though the show is great, there are indeed some plot holes, a few script problems, and just some parts of the story that don’t make much sense. Inspector Raquel Murillo, the leader of the investigation, needs the most work. The biggest problem about Inspector Murillo, is that sometimes she is really strong and makes the right decisions, while other times during the heist, she’s distracted by her love life.

Money Heist is definitely a show the audience gets to feel like they’re a part of. If you liked the movie Inside man, or if you like bank robbery movies in general, I would strongly recommend you to watch Money Heist, and if you speak Spanish, you should definitely watch it with the original audio in order to have a greater experience.