Eco Action Club

Will Anderson, Staff Writer

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The goal of the Eco-Action club is to improve the environment through conscious local and global actions and work with others in order to keep the environment in a stable and enjoyable status.

Their work is not limited to just the Creek community. Last summer, the club went to Pine Ridge, South Dakota and constructed solar panels on the top of a Native American war veteran’s home. 

Now, over this coming Memorial Day, the club will build solar panels over a different veteran’s house.

“It’s the least we could do for them. Having these panels not only helps the environment, but it also helps with their retirement,” Science teacher and club sponsor Jeff Boyce said. “It gives our kids the opportunity to experience something more than our school could offer.”

The club has been working in the Creek community for over five years and was created by Boyce.

“Many of the students that participate in this club will go on after high school and study environmental science or other subjects related,” Boyce said. “I teach AP Environmental Science here, and I want the students to know its more than just a high school class. It prepares you for more, and teaches you how important our ecosystem is to everything around us.”

The club is also working on what they can do to help the Paris Accord, an international agreement to prevent global temperature from increasing two degrees Celsius. 

“People think that only big officials and politicians can change our environment and make an actual difference,” Boyce said. “But I say that anybody can make a change and, even if you’re in high school, you can make a huge impact and something that’s much bigger than any of us.”

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