Creek Hockey: more than just one school

ICE COLD: Sophomore Lucas Banks goes to CO Prep Academy.

Photo by Brison Owens

ICE COLD: Sophomore Lucas Banks goes to CO Prep Academy.

Brison Owens, Sports Editor

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Usually Bruins don’t play well with Wolves, Cougars, Raptors, and Raiders. When it comes to ice hockey they make an exception so they can win.

Ice Hockey is the only sport supported by CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) where a team is made up of the entire Cherry Creek School district instead of just teams from the individual schools.

So unlike football or baseball, the hockey team has to come together and build team chemistry with teammates that they aren’t necessarily friends with or see very often which can lead to friction or conflicts.

When it comes to team chemistry, some players have different views of how high it is or how to build it up.
“I wouldn’t say we do a lot of team bonding but guys on the team will hang out for sure,” Senior Henry Raabe said.

Ryan Bevan, Senior from Grandview High School, believes that the team bonding happens another way. He doesn’t believe that they gain team chemistry by hanging out together everyday off the ice, but more just gaining it on the ice.

“We are together every single day so the bonding happens at the rink,” he said.

The team chemistry might come along slowly but they will figure it out as the season goes along for the team.

Bevan believes that their team chemistry is further along than some people think.

“Our chemistry is for sure there, sometimes we get in arguments that tear us apart but the chemistry is quickly built back up,” Bevan said.

While their chemistry might not change much down the stretch, Benjamin Altshuler, Senior from Grandview High School, thinks that momentum could work just as well as chemistry.

“We have some big games coming up so I think that some good results could give us momentum in the playoffs,” Altshuler said.

Being a Bruin is a sacred thing for Cherry Creek students.

It might be hard for students of rival students to call themselves Bruins or for Creek students to call them a Bruin.

Altshuler calls himself another animal.

“I think I would still call myself a wolf. Creek represents the district more than the school for me so I play as a part of Cherry Creek not as a Bruin.”