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Do dress codes do more harm than good?

The dress code - or the way it’s enforced - seems to target female students more than males.

The dress code - or the way it’s enforced - seems to target female students more than males.

Art by Eliza King

Art by Eliza King

The dress code - or the way it’s enforced - seems to target female students more than males.

Gracie Lordi and Eliza King

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The dress code is not meant to oppress us.

Cherry Creek administration did not put these rules in place to snuff out our self-expression or illustrate their supreme power; however, as the times and trends change, so should the dress code.

The dress code’s main goal is to keep students safe, physically, as well as from violent messages certain clothing may portray.

Cherry Creek is a college, preparatory high school. Their goal is to equip students with the skills they need to excel in their future endeavors and professional careers.

In a business meeting, you won’t be wearing a crop top.

The dress code is congruent with principles of freedom and independence seen in off campus privileges, multiple free periods, and the opportunity to choose our own classes.

The dress code gives the students the opportunity to discipline themselves in a way where they can express themselves and learn to display themselves in a classy, elegant manner.

All that being said, the dress code is due for some modern revising.

As times change and trends evolve, it’s possible that belly buttons may not be such an offensive body part.

With our culture becoming more accepting and open minded, our school should become a place with a similar view.

Students shouldn’t be afraid to get pointed out in a crowded hallway because their undergarments are showing.

Staff shouldn’t be on the lookout for how long shorts are.

People shouldn’t feel like their self expression is being stripped away from them.

Of course, if you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t feel comfortable, don’t wear the outfit.

If you’re following basic rules and happen to just forget one piece of the dress code, you shouldn’t be punished.

Looking back on the dress code, it seems like sexism is very present, than anywhere else. More restrictions are placed on women due to their bodies, and modern dress styles today.

If both genders were to be wearing a revealing outfit the girl is more likely to be dress coded than the boy.

That being said, no one wakes up and thinks about every part of the dress code and goes out of their way to follow them,so a silly mistake shouldn’t be struck down upon.

As fashion evolves, it seems like normal

trends are becoming more and more restricted.

Of course we don’t need to walk around with no clothes on, but a little more freedom with the way we express ourselves wouldn’t hurt.

While the dress code is not meant to oppress us, it’s due for a modern renewal.

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Do dress codes do more harm than good?