IPhone 8, IPhone X Review


Livy Zeitler, Staff Writer

Apple announced early September that they will be releasing two new major IPhones. They are supposed to be better than ever and revolve around every person’s daily needs. The new facial lock something that caught my attention, but not much else is making me lean on buying it. As advertised, IPhone X offers some of the same features as the IPhone 8 does, but with more added. Every generation of IPhone has gotten major hype, but im not so sure about these new features.

IPhone 8

Wireless Charging:

IPhone 8’s glass back offers wireless charging so there’s no need to plug in your device. Simply just set it down. This will help many teenagers out at school considering the majority of us don`t like so many cords that take WAY too long to un-tangle. In addition, the new CPU chip claims to make the phone faster and deliver a great battery life. Apple states this is the “New generation of IPhone.”


There is an all new sensor with faster responses with the tap of your finger. Waiting for your phone to respond because it’s frozen or lagging is one of the worst things for impatient people, like myself. We want things fast at our fingertips and that is what Apple is claiming is happening with this faster response sensor.


On both new IPhones there is an all new Retina HD display with “True Tone, a wide color gamut, and 3D Touch.” Apple claims. “This true tone technology offers a white balance to match the lights around you.” To anyone who relies on their IPhone for their pictures, this is one of the best features in this new edition. Your pictures will look as if you took it on a big professional camera, when it really is just your phone!

IPhone X


The screen is now “all screen” that is 5.8 inches super retina.

“There are round corners on all edges to offer a great grip in the hand.” For people who like to do work on their phone, watch videos, or just like a bigger screen, this feature helps tremendously. Having such a big screen now will get rid of those typos and allow you to watch things like a mini tv.

Lock screen:

Your face is now your password. Apple claims, “Face ID is a secure new way to unlock, authenticate, and pay.” Sometimes the old finger scanner will not work like when we put on lotion or wash our hands and we will have to type in our password which isn’t very convenient, especially while multi-tasking. This new feature will make it a fun and other easy way to access your phone.


The True Depth camera analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 different Animojis. Lots of people wonder what they would look like if they were an emoji like when you are texting your friends and want to show your reactions. People try to use apps to combine themselves with an emoji but now in this “X edition”, you can become an emoji in 12 different ways!

Even with all these new features, it’s not worth it getting this new IPhone 8 or IPhone X. With the IPhone 8 there are only a few changes, but for the most part it looks and acts just like the 7.

The iPhone X will begin shipping November 3rd. Upgrading wouldn’t do much for you. The IPhone X does have some great new features like the screen and the password, but it isn`t worth paying $1000 for. It’s only a few features that you will soon forget about. All of the new features in both phones promote to make daily life easier and more exciting at your fingertips so will you be one to buy this new edition?