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Who are the Big Sisters?

The story behind the volunteering girls

Ella Kropf, Staff Writer

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Big Sisters is a club that junior and senior girls can join if they love to help others. Members help out in and outside of grounds.  The girls responsibility in the club is to get volunteer hours during the year and go to the meetings. The girls have to help at eight events a semester. The sponsors, Jaime Weber and Chrissy Thorsen, are the people who contact outside activities when members of Big Sisters can’t find activities.

The members are required to volunteer at eight events which can vary in length. When all of the hours spent donating time are totaled up, this is an extremely large amount of time that the girls will have spent giving back. The club offers a welcoming environment for young woman to be a part of while also giving back to others less fortunate around them. “I love how ambitious our students are. I love the community aspect. Our students do such a wonderful job at helping the community,” said Weber.

One of the biggest projects of the year is Homecoming. Big Sisters assist by coordinating the royalty. “We help set that up, all the nominations, do all the voting, do the crowning at homecoming, help at the homecoming game as far as the royalty is concerned, and then we do the desserts and stuff at the dance,” said Weber.  Big Sisters also collaborates with Excalibur, the boys’ version of Big Sisters, with the dance. In addition to the Homecoming royalty, Big Sisters volunteers at Back To School Night and Freshman Orientation, along with Excalibur.  

The girls don’t only assist inside the school environment. There are board members that go out to help find events to help at outside of Cherry Creek. They consistently help at YMCA, Special Olympics, Cafe 180, local races, and many other events and organizations. In the club, there are 10 board members and 69 total members who meet monthly. Big Sisters is a great opportunity for girls to give back to the community.

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Who are the Big Sisters?