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Springing Into “The Importance of Being Earnest”

The Cherry Creek High School Spring play

Yekta Eskandari, Staff Writer

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It is almost the end of another successful school year, and there was no better way to close the curtains on this term than to spring into Cherry Creek High School’s last production of the year, The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde.

The actors and actresses took the audience back in time to the Victorian Era. In 1895 London, England, being a part of the highest social class was of the utmost importance, even if one had to act properly to make it seem as if they were a part of it when they weren’t.

The remarkably talented cast and crew put this production together in a little over a month, and they undoubtedly exceeded everyone’s expectations. “We had a solid three weeks of rehearsal, and we took time outside of rehearsal to clean up trouble spots,” said Elana Richardson, who played the part of Lady Bracknell, an important role of class and luxury. The three acts took place in three different locations. The set and stage designs were breathtakingly beautiful, consisting of a garden filled with flowers and the drawing room of the Manor House.

As if the limited time wasn’t enough to handle, the performers had to recite the script with a British accent! “It took so much time for us to learn these lines, time that we didn’t necessarily have,” said Richardson. “This was one of the shortest amounts of time that we have had to put a show together, and funny enough, it had the most complex lines. However, Mr. Miller really helped us out and would constantly remind us how to say specific words in a specific way.”

Each prop was carefully placed and well used, even the mouthwatering cucumber sandwiches and muffins. “The props crew goes through the script and looks for any props that are mentioned, they talk to Mr. Miller and the tech director about what they want, and they also handle set dressing like, adding envelopes on a coffee table,” said Yasmin Farsad, head of Lighting Design.

The costumes were the real show-stoppers. They captured every single detail from the large derby hats and long penguin suits, to the long puffy dresses and white gloves. “The costume crew takes measurements during the first week and then, after talking to Mr. Miller about what they need for the show, continue to create costumes from scratch or alter clothes that they already have,” said Farsad.

Creek’s last production went above and beyond with the last 2015-2016 play of the year. Creek closed the curtain on a great year with outstanding shows and an overly talented cast and crew. “It definitely nostalgic; however, it is a great feeling to have your final show be a memorable one,” said Richardson.

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Springing Into “The Importance of Being Earnest”