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A day of silence in respect to the LBGT community

Jordan Kassanoff, Staff Writer

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May 4th was the National Day of Silence, and students across Cherry Creek took the pledge to stop the silence of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBT) crowd. “I hope to raise awareness about the LGBT community and the pain and hardships that they have to bear every day,” said Natalie Ramirez, a member of the club Spectrum. Another member, who preferred to remain anonymous, said, “it’s not necessarily about the LGBT community, but rather anyone who has been discriminated and has committed suicide.”

CCHS Spectrum President, Lexi McCann, said that the Day of Silence is typically very successful, and the club has been hosting the event since the club started five years ago. Even members outside the LGBT community participated. “As an ally to the LGBT+ community, I feel this is a good way to show my support,” said another anonymous member.

Dr. Chris Meagher, sponsor of the club, concluded, “the day makes people ask ‘what are you doing and why?’, And more people need to understand that their classmates often struggle with treatment that no one should suffer.” As is obvious by the two interviewees who preferred to remain anonymous, many of those in the LGBT community still feel the need to conceal their views in fear of being targeted. The National Day of Silence, which is meant to remind people of the voices that they are not hearing, hopefully begins the process of reconciliation between the oppressed and the rest of the community. The day was very successful in attracting many students to be an ally of the LGBT community.

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