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True Colors Inside and Out

Yekta Eskandari, Staff Writer

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The True Colors gallery owner and artist, Pat Pendleton moved from Amarillo, Texas to Denver at twenty years of age with her portfolio and started sketching fashion designs for a local newspaper company. “Fashion illustrations are all black and white, I started painting so I could express my love for color and nature” said Pendleton.

She began painting in art school, while also receiving a masters degree in counseling. Painting has been a part of her since she could remember. “I have always known that my path in life would lead me to the art world” said Pendleton.

Fifty eight years later, her studio and art gallery of six years, True Colors, displays all her beautiful, breathtaking art work. Her canvases range from huge landscape paintings to small plant paintings. “I love colors and including them in my work. That is why my gallery is named ‘True Colors’” said Pendleton.

Her process in giving life to her painting is to simply watch the scene she wants to create, the rest flows from her fingers to the canvas. “Nothing is more fun for me than to be the passenger in the car on a road trip, where all I have to do is just observe” Pendleton said. “My goal is to emphasize in my painting what exactly caught my attention about a place or scene.”

While strolling around her gallery, one may take in all the scenic images and notice each and every brush stroke capturing the captivating detail engraved in the canvas. “It is my joy and happy place. It is fascinating to have your vision come to life and have other people appreciate your talent” said Pendleton.

The first Friday of every month Pendleton holds an art walk at her gallery. “The first Friday is all about exposure and letting people see your work, almost like an open house when buying a house. The interested people walk in, look around, and then they will decide on which piece will illuminate their house” said Pendleton.

Aside from her art, Pendleton has officiated weddings, counseled numerous people, and helped with training programs in various businesses for twenty-five years. “Chances are that if you are an artist, you will probably have some other things you could do and you can bring those experiences back into your artwork” said Pendleton.

After talking with Pendleton, one can’t help but to feel inspired by her wise words of encouragement. “Don’t listen to all the people who say ‘that’s not practical’ because you only live once and if you do what you love, it will all work out” said Pendleton “You be an artist if you want to be.”


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True Colors Inside and Out