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How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying Impresses Audience

Ian Silverman, Staff Writer

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Cherry Creek High School’s theatre performances never disappoint This year’s spring musical, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, reinforced Creeks reputation for having some of the best high school performances in Colorado.

After watching the opening performance on March 2nd, it became evident how much time and effort was needed to create a Creek performance. The planning process began a full three months in advance. The set designers began working on the design at the end of November and finalized it by the end of December. As January came around, rehearsals began. The cast and crew were working hard for two months straight. This long rehearsal period was used to its full capacity. The two month duration became necessary to work through any difficulties and perfect the performances.

In the weeks leading up to the play, one of the lead actresses, Audrey Hurren, began experiencing symptoms from a past injury. While she had fully recovered from her chipped kneecap and torn meniscus, she was still experiencing symptoms at a time that could have jeopardized her role. Originally, she thought she would have to be recasted; however, her quick recovery allowed her to maintain her role. If it weren’t for the generous rehearsal period incidents like these would not have been able to be worked out. This time was necessary to make any necessary changes to the performance. This time allowed the choreographer to work around complications like Audrey’s. Despite her injury,there were no inconsistencies in her performance. She aced all the dancing aspects of her performance, not to mention the singing as well.

One aspect that made this year’s musical different from the rest from a performance standpoint was the dancing. “Personally, the dances have been the hardest thing I’ve had to perfect for this show’’ said Jordan Dillard, supporting actress. Despite these challenges, the entire cast executed the dance routines perfectly.

In the week leading up to the play, the cast and crew felt pressure arising. All thirty-five cast members took part in dress rehearsals every day. This included a Saturday rehearsal for six hours for the actors and twelve hours for the “techies”. For some of the cast members it took up to an hour and a half just to get into costume.

From the acting, dancing, and singing, to the set design and orchestra, the overall performance would impress anyone. How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying goes above and beyond the standards for a high school musical.

“This musical is funny, engaging, and high-energy, it’s a true ensemble cast show and it’s a show that anyone and everyone can enjoy!” Jordan Dillard

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How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying Impresses Audience