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Stop, Drop, and Let’s Roll with Yoga

Introducing the new yoga club

Robert Fuentes, Staff Writer

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     Among the 118 clubs at Cherry Creek High School, the new yoga club has been an excellent addition to bring a relaxing and healthy exercise for students. The club teaches many basic variations of yoga, including simple exercises to physically demanding “Hatha”. Although it is difficult to master the practice, the club invites all students, from beginners to advanced levels.  For those who are looking for a new club to join, this is a perfect way to meet fellow Creekers who show a passion for this activity.

     The Yoga Club meets every other Wednesday, right after school, making it convenient for students who are looking to exercise right on campus. In addition to that, the Yoga Club is completely free, which is great for students and parents who are hesitant to invest in fitness clubs. The students meet by the Greenhouse between the old schoolhouse and East building, and everyone is tempted to join when they see more than ninety-six participants engaging in a mind relaxing and stress-relieving exercise.

Jordan the club leader of the Yoga Club said, “It is a great way to relax during a stressful school year”. Jordan initially brought the club in hopes to increase awareness about yoga and its amazing physical and mental effects. Her passion for yoga pushed her to making the club official at the high school, and it has grown so much in just one year. Not only does she volunteer at the high school, but she also helps teach classes on her own time at her local studio. Some of her main teaching techniques include teaching students how to breathe slowly to calm the nerves and free the mind of worry.  High school can be a difficult time for students, juggling sports, classes, and a social life, so this is a great way to just drop everything and relax.

Not only is it great for the mind, but physically, it is fantastic for the health of students and teachers. “You’d be surprised how sore and how much you sweat after just one session,” said Mrs. Aldridge, the sponsor of the club. Yoga focuses on many muscles within the body but mainly focuses on the core.

The yoga club encourages everyone to come and enjoy a session. “This club is a great way to socialize and even if you make a mistake, Jordan has taught many yoga classes; she would love to help,” said Mrs Aldridge. The atmosphere of the club is quite friendly.

     With all that in mind, Yoga can help and be applied to life.  Life can be sometimes hectic and overwhelming, however, this club can teach students many lessons that can be applied to their daily lives. Yoga itself is a philosophy, and one of its key practices are balance, whether it be in the mind or in the physical; and this philosophy can be brought to key and vital areas such as academics, sports, and work. Jordan encourages everyone to join because it can be a life-changing experience if the student really develops a passion for the exercise, like she has. Even for the students who are just looking to have fun, they are cultivating life skills through self-discipline and working the mind in ways they have never experienced before.

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Stop, Drop, and Let’s Roll with Yoga