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Dec. 5: It was supposed to be a nice day downtown with my girlfriend, Sam. The weather was pretty, and so far, not too many crackheads. Then, out of nowhere, to our side we hear a huge uproar. “STOP THE STEAL, STOP THE STEAL!” Right when I saw the American flags I knew what it was about. It was a massive crowd of about 60 people, and I could only see about 5 wearing masks. I don't care which side you’re on, or what you’re protesting for, but this is the reason that the mandatory lockdown keeps getting extended. 

“It's so ironic,” Sam said. The fact that they are protesting to get their freedoms back, when they could possibly be spreading the very virus that's been keeping us all locked up for the past year. – Staff Writer, Nate Meredith

[Photo] 2020: Year in Pictures

Published December 31, 2020
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LATER, GAITERS: Freshmen Ian Youngblood and Riddic Pollard pose with gaiters. Both said that on a normal basis, they wouldn't wear the gaiters.

Gaiters: how effective are they?

Published October 20, 2020
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