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Oct. 31: Halloween is a night full of fun and joyful, often terrifying entertainment. It is commonly depicted in cartoons alongside a full moon, but a full moon on Halloween is just the opposite of common. It only makes sense that of all the years a moon could have been full on halloween, 2020 would be the chosen one.  

 Halloween night of 2020 was memorable in more ways than one. A full moon on halloween is a rare occurrence, only happening once roughly every 19 years. Interestingly, The 2020 October full moon was the first to occur on Halloween in 76 years.

One of my closest friends and I had planned to spend as much of the night  as we could outside, in order to fully appreciate the rarity and brightness of a full moon on the night of halloween. We dressed up in costumes in the warmest way possible, and set out into the moonlight. 

My friend and I finished our trick-or-treating late, and settled on a field. We couldn’t help but keep repeating, “It’s so beautiful,” in reference to the bright moon. The moonlight had made it easy to spot the elaborately decorated tables set out for trick-or-treaters, so staying distant from neighbors made no difference to the amount of candy we acquired.

The moon was so beautiful that I decided I needed pictures better than the blurry iphone camera could supply. My friend graciously drove us to my house, where I stole my brother’s telescope. The telescope pictures were beautiful, but I realized the ones taken with an iPhone camera, though blurry, were more beautiful because of the way they captured the moonlight. - Staff Writer Jane Parker

[Photo] 2020: Year in Pictures

Published December 31, 2020
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Jane Parker