Papa’s Rankeria


Sandy Lee, Photography Editor

  1. Papa’s Cupcakeria

I feel like putting this game in last place will be pretty controversial, but I genuinely hate this game so much. What makes a Papa’s game good is that it’s challenging but fun, not just outright frustrating like this game. The step involving filling the cups with batter frustrates me like you wouldn’t believe. Putting the icing on the cupcake is even worse; I don’t think there’s a simple aspect of this game that’s enjoyable. This game is a snoozeria.

  1. Papa’s Sushiria

I feel like this isn’t a bad place for Sushiria. As far as I’m concerned, most people think this is the worst game out of all of them. I think the part where you make boba because I just like when you get to make something that’s not related to the main food of the game. The process of making the sushi is just annoying and repetitive. I personally feel like the point of all the Papa’s games are how satisfying it is to make the food, but this game doesn’t fulfill that purpose.

  1. Papa’s Donuteria

There’s nothing special or interesting about this game. I really hate when you have to fry the batter. It isn’t an obnoxious-to-play game like Cupcakeria, but there’s nothing to it that makes this game stand out above the others. This is definitely the game out of the entire series that I’ve played the least because there’s nothing that makes me want to play.

  1. Papa’s Pizzeria

This is the very first Papa’s game, and it shows through its basic gameplay and lack of variety. While this game can be fun, the other games just offer more than this one. It’s fun trying the original game, seeing where the entire series started, and how much it improved. However, this game isn’t the most entertaining to me, but because of it being the OG of such a famous game series, it has earned its place above three other games.

  1. Papa’s Hot Doggeria

The only part I really like about this game is when I get to give the customers popcorn and soda. Like I mentioned with Sushiria, I love when the game adds a step involving food that’s not part of the title, and this part of the game allows easy points which I really like. However, making the hot dog isn’t that fun. Using the stove is simple enough, but adding the toppings is super frustrating. I really like the baseball theme though, it actually adds a lot to the game overall.

  1. Papa’s Pastaria

This game is fun for one reason to me: I like pasta. It’s like every other Papa’s game, so there’s nothing that really makes this game stand out. I normally like when the game has a step where we add an unrelated food or drink, but the part of this game where you add a breadstick doesn’t do anything for me. Honestly, this game is mediocre at best.

  1. Papa’s Burgeria

This game is super fun and easy to play, the two trademarks of Papa’s games. I find myself spending hours playing the game without even realizing, and I think that’s the best compliment that I can give to such a simplistic game without much substance. This game is a good time-killer without any part that’s super infuriating for me, making this game rank higher than the others. However, there are other games in the series that are far more entertaining and include a larger variety of gameplay that make them superior to Papa’s Burgeria.

  1. Papa’s Pancakeria

Maybe it’s because I like pancakes a lot, but this game is actually pretty fun. I really like the addition where you make drinks when you reach a certain rank, it just adds a lot more to the game. Cooking the pancakes and adding the toppings is fun, and the toppings change seasonally throughout the game, adding the variety that makes the game fun. But I can’t continue this game at a certain point because of its repetition.

  1. Papa’s Taco Mia

I remember not even liking this game when I first tried it, but I had to replay every single one of these in order to make the most accurate personal ranking of the games. Taco Mia wasn’t as awful as I remembered. It was definitely one of my more favorite to play just because it wasn’t super easy, but it wasn’t teeth-grittingly difficult. It’s a solid game, and certainly one of the superior ones. It would be higher up if the name was Tacoria and not Taco Mia, and the part where you’re making the taco and they crack the HARD taco shell open for you to put in the ingredients irks my soul into the Nth dimension.

  1. Papa’s Freezeria

Everyone I know says that this is the best game out of the entire series, but it’s only number 5 for me. It’s not like there’s anything wrong with this game, but there are other games that I think have much more fun gameplay. One of the best parts of Papa’s games is the satisfying feelings of getting a perfect score, but it seems nearly impossible to do so with Freezeria. This is still one of the most entertaining and fun-to-play games in the entire series, or else it wouldn’t be the fan-favorite. For me, there are enough reasons for it to be in the top 5, but also enough reasons for 4 other games to rank even higher.

  1. Papa’s Wingeria

This is the game that started it all for me. It’s the first one that I remember playing, and I loved it right away. For me, I think this ranking is definitely affected by whether or not I like the food being made, and I absolutely love wings. Plating the food is really fun with the celery, carrots, and sauces, and the game is overall just really enjoyable.

  1. Papa’s Cheeseria

I think this might be a controversial place because I know a lot of people dislike this one. But for me, this game is one of the few that I can continue playing for hours on end without getting bored. I don’t know if it’s just because I like sandwiches so much, but this game is actually addicting. There’s not a single part of the game I dislike, which is why I don’t understand the hate surrounding it. I feel like this is also one of the most creative games because it has all these ideas that I never would’ve thought of.

  1. Papa’s Bakeria

I didn’t play this game in middle school like I did with the others, but I actually tried it as a senior in high school, and let me tell you: it slapperias. Filling the pies is very satisfying and easy, and getting to add toppings is really amusing to me. This game was able to rank so high because it was so much fun to the point where I kept playing it day after day. Again, the placement was very much affected by how much I like pie.

  1. Papa’s Scooperia

This is my absolute favorite. There was no other competition with the other games, and I knew the entire time I was making this list that Scooperia would place first. It’s the newest game in the series which is why it has much more to the game like having “specials” as an option. This makes the game so much more fun because if you get a good score with certain customers, they give you a recipe that you can make your restaurant’s special for the day. Memorizing the specials make the game more difficult but interesting because you don’t have to be stuck in any sort of repetitive circle. This is the game that I’ve played the most and the one that I’ve gotten the furthest in. All of summer 2019, this was the game that I played instead of my normal routine of the Sims 4. Every person that I’ve recommended this game to has loved it, and I think everyone should try it to see how much the entire Papa’s series has improved.