Sextuplets movie review


Calvin Lascor, Staff Writer

Ever hate your sibling? Imagine five more!

That is the exact case an upcoming father (Marlon Wayans) finds himself in. He was adopted as a child and never met his original family. When the doctors ask about Alan’s family he doesn’t know and that sparks his interest in his genes and family. 

In the movie, Marlon Wayans makes a bold decision and played all six sextuplets, as well as their mother.  Bresha Webb plays Wayans wife, and Glynn Turman plays Webb’s father. You may know some of the stars in movies such as Marlon, Naked, White Chicks, John Dies At The End, and Ride Along. Alan’s wife (Bresha Webb) says that for the success of his future he should find his own family. 

The movie itself is good, but not something that I would go to the movies to see. It is something you and your friends would see when you’re bored. This movie is hilarious and turns stereotypes into comedy. The plot is engaging and interesting, because it controls your focus and keeps you hooked with its twists and turns with unexpected moment one on top of another. 

Wayans bold act of choosing to play seven characters at once is an idea that has been done before, but maybe not on such a grand scale. The idea of multiple characters being played by a single actor isn’t new we’ve seen this so many times beforehand such as the Austin Powers series. Mike Myers may not have played seven different people, but he pulled off his trifecta of roles almost perfectly. The difference in Myer’s performance against Wayans is vastly different.

Wayans pulls off a played-out concept, but ups the standard by adding more characters. The downside to him playing so many characters is that it doesn’t always look graceful and clean. Myers, however, takes the idea to another standard as he syncs three roles gracefully and comically and he even manages to make a fight scene with a stunt double that looks like he’s having a conversation with himself. That may not seem very clever, but it actually adds to the comedy of a fight with oneself. While Wayans has conversations with himself he it looked as if he was talking to a stone wall which took away from some comedy from the movie. 

 Even though Wayans did not necessarily make the best movie ever it is still a funny movie worth watching. As he struggled with key parts of the conversation with himself, he still manages to make it funny, and a decent movie.