Socks should not be worn to sleep

Da'Nazjah Dorsey, Student Life Editor

People who sleep with their socks on are serial killers. When I say this I am half joking and half serious, but either way the people who sleep with socks creep me out.

The fact that some people only wear them to sleep because it’s cold makes sense, but when you wear them only because you consider it comfortable or normal, that’s when it gets weird.

I’m not judging your character or anything by saying this, I’m just saying that it is unusual because I hate feeling constrained or trapped while sleeping in them.

Socks in general just gross me out, most get dirty really fast and in the summer they make your feet hot. If you’re a strange person that wears socks, then you know they act as little feet heaters that hold sweat and can smell worse than the worst of smelly shoes.

Feet are just as equally disgusting, cause no matter how much you wash them, they still hold every kind of bacteria out there. Whether they are hard and tough or soft and smooth, feet are weak and disgusting and definitely can determine whether you die or live after a nasty deep cut.

So to put your feet and bacteria ridden socks in your bed, which should be clean and up kept, all but grosses me out.

While wearing socks to bed can have its benefits for your health, such as lowering bodily core temperature and preventing hot flashes, it can have bad effects, like cutting off circulation if your socks are too tight.

Your takeaway from reading this can be summed up to be: you should be ashamed to wear your socks to bed.