Venom Movie Review

JJ Aquino, Staff Writer

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        “We are Venom” said on Venoms trailer, on youtube, on movie theatres and on TV. Ever since february, when the trailer was released for Venom’s first solo movie, people have been excited for its release; however, others are upset about it because of Venom isn’t related to Spiderman or the marvel universe.

       Venom is a villian from the Marvel Universe and is one of spidermans enemies. Venom was originally an organism that was unknown to the earth and he did not have a human host.

       Venom needs a host to survive. He was “born” after it was removed from spiderman and then it got into Eddie Brock.

       Venom (2018) is a single movie about Venom and other symbiotes. Eddie Brock (Venom), played by Tom Hardy, a journalist was curious about Carlton Drake who holds the different symbiotes and is a villian.

Venom (2018) shows a better version of Venom than Spider-Man 3 (2007). Venom in Spiderman 3 was terrible according to many fans, once Venom was released many people loved it. What made Spider-Man 3 so awful was how Venom was “small” and his voice was not what fans expected.

When I saw the trailer I thought it would be a great movie and fulfilling. It turned out to be like that.  Many others hated it for their own reasons.

        The actors played a great role and the CGI (computer generated imagery) was adequate  compared to other movies. The plot was good, Venom in the movie was a good representation of Venom in the comics; in fact, his voice and size were the same but, his iconic symbol was missing. Director Ruben Fleischer gave great roles to the right people because the actors were great.

       My favorite thing about Venom was that it really showed who Venom is as a character and it makes me want to know and see Venom more. The movie made me laugh, it keeps me from being bored.

       As a fan of spider man I was upset Venom (2018) was not featured with Spiderman and fans were also disappointed but, the movie’s content was good. The other problem was his iconic symbol was missing and fans were confused why it wasn’t there.

       There were some points in the movie that bothered me as well. The movie had some unnecessary screen time which gave less screen time for any best parts. Another thing that bothered was that the characters didn’t have as much screen time. Actors like Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake) could have more time on screen.

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