Q&A with Coach Doherty on Loss to Regis


Bryan Herrera

Coach Tom Doherty goes over game plan with defensive players during a lost to Regis on Sept. 1.

Clarissa Koch, Staff Writer

Creek lost to Regis 25-20 in the first week of the season. We spoke with the Defensive Coordinator Tom Doherty about how the players have adjusted since.


“In the first quarter there were two plays that turned the game south, is that right?

“We defensively we didn’t get on the field yet, and we were already down two touchdowns.  That happens sometimes in football,  If we were playing a lower tier team and we gave them two touchdowns, it would be hard to come back, but when you give a good team like Regis two touchdowns it’s nearly impossible. My gosh we almost did.”

“So what would you say was the impact of the first quarter on the player’s mentality?”

“It was our first game of the year and we’re trying to figure out how good of a team we are, and then you get kind of shocked. So after the first quarter we were stunned, you know, like ‘Wow what just happened?’ But then to their credit they came back and kept fighting and we almost had a chance to win.

“What would you say about the defensive players’ performance?”

“We did okay. We had a chance to stop them on the last drive of the game and get the ball back to the our offense, and we never did so that was very disappointing. So Regis got the ball in the last quarter with about seven minutes left, and, if defensively we had made the stop, our offense could have gotten another chance to win it. We didn’t make that stop when we needed to and that was disappointing for them and for the team in general.”

“What went right for the defensive players?”

We made some good stops when we needed to but we didn’t win, so nothing really matters.”

“What went right for the offensive players and what didn’t?”

“Similarly, there were moments where offense played well, but we lost so it really doesn’t matter. They scored two touchdowns and two field goals so that’s a positive.

“So we played Regis for our first game last year. Would you say that there’s any tension that affected this game?”

“It’s a new year and we got beat by them last year. We felt like we could beat them again this year, but we didn’t so I don’t think it’s much more complicated than that.”

“So there’s been a lot of talk among upperclassmen about how with growing freshman classes the student section seems to be almost ‘dead.’ Have you noticed that from the field?”

“No, we’ve always had an awesome student section that the players appreciate and I do as well, but no I haven’t noticed. You’re not really able to pay too much attention to what’s going on in the stands but I do know that historically our student section is awesome.”