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One Junior, Three Choirs

Shyla Moeller, Staff Writer

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Natalie Block, a junior at Cherry Creek High School, keeps herself busy throughout junior year by singing in three different choirs. Natalie is in three out of seven of the choirs at Cherry Creek High School: Jazz choir, Girls’ 21, and Meister Singers, all of which students have to audition for to be in. She adores being in all of the choirs. Her singing career and passion all started in choir in seventh grade. Her passion for choir had not yet developed during sixth grade. Her teacher Mrs. Palmer, from Campus Middle School, inspired her to keep pursuing choir. Mrs. Palmer was a huge inspiration in Natalie’s life; Natalie wouldn’t be where she is today without Palmer’s help.

Since junior year is one of the hardest in high school, Natalie says that being in three choirs makes her actually want to go to school. If Natalie could pick her dream schedule with no requirements or rules, she said she would take as many choir classes as she could at Cherry Creek, including having the opportunity to be a “groupie” for Sarah Harrison, a choir teacher at Creek. She would love to be in Choralaires during fifth period, because “You have to stay true to your homies; once a Choralaires always a Choralaires”. Every day, Natalie spends thirty minutes practicing for each choir at home while, in addition, practicing during each class, emphasizing how important singing really is to her.

Listening to music lifts Natalie’s spirit. She always listens to choral music in her car, specifically Mary Lambert, “not Miranda, Mary. There is a difference,” Natalie informed the school. When she gets older she wants to be a high school choir teacher just like Mr. Adam Cave and Mrs. Sarah Harrison, two choir teachers at Cherry Creek High School. She also wants to team teach like the choir teachers at Cherry Creek. She and her friend, Megan Mackey have a plan to be just like Cave and Harrison, in hopes that they, too, can inspire young students.  

Natalie loves the uniqueness of each of the choirs. She could never choose between  Jazz choir, Meisters, and Girls’ 21. “I love choir; they are all created equally,” Natalie said. Cherry Creek also offers Acapella, but Natalie’s schedule is too packed to participate in another choir. Natalie’s senior year will not include Girls’ 21, as she will be focusing on college and working, although she will continue to sing in Meisters and Jazz choir.

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2 Responses to “One Junior, Three Choirs”

  1. Maddy Harding on December 16th, 2016 12:56 PM

    Natalie is my Queen


  2. Sarah Zendle on January 22nd, 2017 11:36 AM

    Wishing Natalie a happy birthday and a wonderful eighteenth year <3


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One Junior, Three Choirs